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Exam season is approaching, there are pressures and stresses that come part & parcel along with this time of year. Mindset & nutrition play a huge role around exams & Mastermind is here to help students at what is a mentally challenging time of the year. We are here to explain how Mastermind can feed the brain with the nutrients that it needs around the exam period.

The brain is the most complicated structure we have yet to encounter in all of nature. Essentially, it is a living biological computer. Its job, every single day, is to absorb, process, store and recall on request, countless information.

Therefore, it is understandable that as a result of the pressures of the modern world demanding increasingly more of our minds in increasingly less time, the job is more difficult now than ever. This holds particularly true for students – held to a higher standard of study, requiring for more information to be absorbed than ever before.


Exam preparation applies unique stress and pressure upon the brain. It requires the ability to absorb, process, store and recall of information at a later time. The success of the ability to recall this information is dependent on the previous process of the brains ability to absorb, process and store.Through nutrition we can support this process and the brain to help student achieve their true potential. Mastermind contains:


  • DHA– This is the physical material which composes the connections making up 40% of the fatty acids in the brain and 50% of fatty acids in neurons. DHA also contributes to normal brain function.
  • Uridine– Uridine signals like a green light that it time to start building neuron connections within the brain.
  • Choline– Partly used in making the connection similar to DHA and partly used in the actual signals within the brain which carry information. Simply put, choline helps with brain development.

Formulated in conjunction with Northumbria University Brain Nutrition Research Centre, Revive Active has formulated Mastermind – the most comprehensive nutritional supplement for the brain, nervous system, cognitive function and mental performance. Mastermind is designed to promote the healthy formation of brain connections supplying the 3 important ingredients DHAuridine and choline along with a range of supporting nutrients like vitamin cvitamin D3 and zinc making it the perfect study buddy.

Taken 3 times a week, Mastermind can help students deal with the pressures and stress of exam preparation while getting the most out of their study time and investing in the future. As a parent we want to give our children every advantage they can which is why we at Revive Active created the Mastermind formula – support for the brain, support for the future.


Research shows when DHA, uridine and choline are taken together in the proper amounts, the brain becomes increasingly more efficient at building connections and memories within the brain.These findings yield great potential for students in particular as the period of exam preparation and study relies on the optimum function of the brain in this fashion.

Mastermind is now available in a 12 day box, designed to be taken 3 times a week for students. This is available in all good health food stores & pharmacies nationwide. You can also purchase a 30 day supply via our website and can avail of 15% off using the code study15 at the checkout.

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