Uddermint cream muscle rub 600ml

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Uddermint is a 100% natural cream product, tradtionally used by Dairy farmers to soothe and clear udders of cows suffering from mastitis. Farmers rely on it for the elite healing qualities for treating cows as it heats up the body and gets the blood flowing. People with on going problems with their limbs are increasingly using it too. Similar to a muscle rub, it soothes muscles while also clearing and opening up the sinuses.

People use to treat:

  • Sore and aching muscles 
  • Joint pain and recovery 
  • Arthritis pain
  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Trusted and recommended for Chest and Sinus infection
  • Used by athletes and footballers to soothe limbs pre, post and during training
  • Massage liberally into joints & muscles for results

This product has been established on the market for 20 years.  Primarily used for cows udder health, it is more recently used for peoples aches and pains. Also popular with for pets with sore limbs.


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