Thermacare Heat Wraps Neck, Wrist & Shoulder

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Directions for use Benefit & Features
Directions for use

Ensure skin in application area is clean, dry and free of makeup, recently applied skin moisturizer, lotions and other topical analgesics.

Position wrap by lightly pressing tabs into place on your skin. Make any needed adjustments and rub over adhesive tabs firmly to lock in place.

Use care when handling the adhesive tabs so you don't get anything on them that will prevent the adhesive from working (e.g., lotions, lint, hair, makeup, etc.)

Benefit & Features
  • Patented heat cells for deep penetrating heat
  • Therapeutic muscle penetrating heat
  • Up to 16 hours pain relief when worn for 8 hours
  • One size fits all
  • Drug free relief from muscle and joint pain

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