SOSU Hidden Agenda Undetectable Lashes

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Hidden Agenda Individual Lashes are specially designed for lash application underneath the natural lash line to create an undetectable finish. Included is a super long lasting under lash adhesive with an ultra-thin brush for precise application with professional results. With 3 different lash lengths, each cluster is super lightweight for subtle enhancement or bold buildable looks that add length and dimension, allowing complete customisation. 

Lash application: 

  • Brush a thin layer of under lash adhesive directly under your natural lashes
  • Allow the adhesive to become tacky for 10-15 seconds before application
  • Gently remove individual lash cluster from the tray with a tweezers
  • Using the tweezers, apply the individual cluster directly underneath your natural lash line as close to the lash roots as possible
  • Press gently along the individual cluster band starting from the centre outwards and into the corners to secure
  • Repeat until your desired lash look is achieved


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