Paralink Suppositories 180mg 10 Pack

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Before use, wash and dry your hands. Remove one suppository carefully from its wrapping and insert it carefully into your child's back passage. Wash your hands again afterwards.Babies 3 months - 1 year (5 - 10 kg), use A½ suppositoryChildren 1 -A 3 years (10 - 15kg), use 1 suppositoryChildren 3 - 6 years (15 - 20 kg), use 1 A½ suppositoriesDo not give more than 4 doses in any 24 hours and leave at least 6 hours between each dose.Each Paralink 180mg Suppository contains 180mg of the active ingredient paracetamol.A Other ingredients: Hard fat and macrogol stearate.A

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