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Nourkrin Woman Hair Loss Tablets (180) Women's Hair Loss Nourkrin is a natural mineral treatment designed to reduce hair loss and encourage re-growth. Drug free, Nourkrin Woman combines a unique marine extract with ingredients such as vitamin C and silica, to enhance its uptake and effectiveness. This hair loss remedy has been clinically proven to effectively reduce thinning hair, and restore hair lost through alopecia and natural balding, in males and females alike. Nourkrin Woman takes the form of small tablets, that are simple to swallow, with a single 60 tablet box containing an entire month’s treatment This product is not a prescriptive drug and does not require a prescription. How to use Nourkrin Products for thinning hair If you are experiencing thinning hair, take 2 tablets of Nourkrin daily for a minimum of 6 months and continue use as required. If using Nourkrin as a preventative method, take 2 tablets daily on an ongoing basis. Nourkrin should be taken with water, after food (1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening). If however you are over 80kg in weight then we recommend you take 3 tablets daily. For best results use in conjunction with Nourkrin Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp lotion. Frequently asked questions about Nourkrin hair loss products Is Nourkrin suitable for men and women? Yes it is. Nourkrin Woman is recommended for women and Nourkrin Man is recommended for men. Does it work on hair loss? Yes, Nourkrin has been clinically proven to work on most forms of hair loss. It has been clinically proven to reduce thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. Does Nourkrin work for hereditary hair loss? In the instance of hereditary hair loss it is recommended that people start using Nourkrin at the early stages of hair loss/hair thinning. Are their any negative side affects associated with Nourkrin? There are no known or registered side effects in the 20 years that Nourkrin has been for sale or the millions of tablets sold. Nourkrin is naturally based. Who should not take Nourkrin? Only people who are allergic to fish should not take Nourkrin as it contains Marilex® a marine derived extract. Why should I try Nourkrin? Nourkrin is clinically proven to reduce hair loss and promote existing hair growth. Coupled with this is Nourkrin is drug free and safe. Does Nourkrin contain minoxidil? No, unlike other treatments available on the market, Nourkrin is naturally based and therefore contains no minoxidil. Is Nourkrin suitable for Coeliacs or people on a Gluten free diet? Nourkrin is free from Gluten and therefore suitable for Coeliacs. What are the active ingredients? Marine-based extract of proteins and polysaccharides, fortified with Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry - the richest source of Vitamin C you can get. Silica - an important mineral for reducing hair loss and maintaining strong healthy hair. Horsetail Extract - organic form of silica, which increases the strength of the hair and revitalises lifeless hair. Does Nourkrin interfere with any medication? No, there are no known or registered instances of interference as Nourkrin is 100% naturally based. However, if you are on medication it is always advisable to check with your GP before commencing on the Nourkrin Programme How long should I be on the Nourkrin Programme for? If you are experiencing thinning hair, take Nourkrin for a minimum of 6 months and continue use as required. If using Nourkrin as a preventative method, take Nourkrin on an ongoing basis. How does Nourkrin work? Nourkrin works in 4 stages – During the 6 months period the results gradually show up in 4 stages:

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