Medicare Weekly Pill Organiser

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Product Description Weekly Pillbox helps you to organise your weekly pills Medicare's Weekly Pill Organiser, is a handy way of keeping track of daily medication and vitamins.

Sturdy hinges and easy-open lids with lips for gripping Durable, raised letters and Braille markings for the sight-impaired Convenient size for out of home use Curved bottom for easy pill removal Lids click securely closed Features & Benefits Thanks to this clever little device, the days of opening different bottles and boxes of medication, trying to remember which pills to take and how many, are over.

This super convenient weekly pill organizer allows you to pre-fill a week in advance. On the day the pill is due, you simply open the compartment and take the pill. One Week plus Today Pillbox dispenses four times a day: morning, noon, evening and bedtime. The base of the pillbox features a curve to enable easy removal of each pill. The letters, denoting each day of the week, are highly durable and are raised with braille markings to assist the sight-impaired to find the correct compartment. This Pill Box is ideal compact and ideal for travelling or carrying in a bag. It would be an ideal product for someone who wishes to prepare medication for a relative, or to act as a reminder to take medications.

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