LifeLine Hangover Tablets (20)

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Benefits How to use Active Ingredients

Benefits of LifeLine Hangover Defence Lifeline cures the feeling of nausea before it starts. A healthy hangover cure that's designed to work at the start of a big night out. Lifeline has been approved for a certificate of free sale by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and is labeled in accordance with Irish, US and UK food and food supplement legislation. Made in Ireland. LifeLine's latest customer survey shows that 90% of users intend to use the product again and 44% of sales come from direct personal recommendations.

How to use

How to use Lifeline Hangover Defence Take the two pills within an hour or so of your first drink - and that's it! The healthy ingredients then begin to work whilst you enjoy the party without fearing the morning after hangover sickness.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients of Lifeline Hangover Defence The product consists of two capsules per dose, delivering into the stomach a measured dose of activated carbon (vegetable charcoal), a soluble calcium and magnesium carbonate blend (Aquamin®), along with up to 25% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins B and C. Lifeline is a healthy, natural way to prevent a hangover and cure its effects.

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