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KN95/FFP2 Self-Imbibition Filter, Anti-Particle Respirator Face Mask. An ear band type/head type mask, effectively used for protection against non-oil particles in the air, such as; dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms and other non-oil particles. Filtration rate is 95% or higher (5 layer).

Ingredients: PP outer nonwoven cloth, melt spraying cloth, dustproof cotton, PP inner non-woven cloth.

Usage: Place the mask under your chin and buckle the two ear straps behind the ears. Place middle fingers of both hands on the bridge on the nose clip, and press from the middle to the sides of the nose to shape the mask to sit comfortably on the face.

Note: This product cannot be washed. Do not wear it during sleep. Do not used if the outer packaging is damaged or contaminated.

Not suitable for people: Suffering from Respiratory Diseases such as Asthma, unable to express the physical condition of the sick elderly, the hands can not move easily if you feel uncomfortable after wearing, such as breathing difficulties, dizziness, please immediately remove the mask.

Recommended usage time is 5-7 days. This product should be stored in a well ventilated, dark, dry and pollution-free environment.

Pack contains two disposable masks, CE marked.

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