DulcoEase Oral Solution 250ml

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Product Info

DulcoSoft® works with your body for comfortable relief of constipation. It contains macrogol 4000 which uses the water naturally present in the colon to soften the stool and make bowel movements more comfortable. Suitable for children from 2 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women.* It is sugar-free, gluten-free and flavourless, and can be mixed with your favourite drink.

* For children under 8 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women, consultation with a doctor is advised.

DulcoSoft is a medical device. Contains macrogol 4000. Always read the patient information leaflet before using this medicine.

Directions for use

Adults & children 8+: 20 - 40 ml solution daily
Children 4 to 7: 16 - 32 ml per day
Children 2 to 3: 8 - 16 ml per day

Simply add DULCOSOFT to your favourite drink preferably in the morning

Works within 24-72 hours.
Can be taken from the first signs of discomfort

Neutral taste: It can be directly mixed with a drink of your choice e.g. a glass of water or other liquid such as fruit juice or tea (about 150 ml).

Dose: Measure out the dose using the measuring cup included in the pack. Within the dose recommendation the dose can be adjusted to your individual needs and can be taken daily or every other day.

The right dose is the lowest dose to produce regular soft stools. The recommended daily dose should be preferably taken as a single dose in the morning

For use in children under 8 years, consultation with a doctor is advised


If you are expecting or planning to become expecting or if you are breast-feeding, consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medication.

Avoid taking this medication and consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine if

  • you are allergic to the ingredients in the product such as to hard fat or Bisacodyl
  • you are suffering from ileus,
  • you have inflammation of the small and large intestine or if you have anal fissures (cracking of the skin around the anal passage)
  • you have ulcerative proctitis (ulcers or inflammation around the anal passage)
  • you have serious abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting 
  • you have severe dehydration,
  • you have severe abdominal condition for example appendicitis,
  • you have intestinal obstruction (a blocked bowel).

Active Ingredients: 10 ml solution contains 5g of macrogol 4000

Also contains: Potassium sorbate (preservative), macrogol 400, citric acid, purified water

Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children.

Always consult the Patient Information Leaflet before using this medicine

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