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Product Description The Deep Freeze Cold Patch is a unique new product used to reduce pain and swelling. It is ideal for the instant treatment of sports injuries such as bruises, ligament sprains and muscle strains. The simple to use patch doesn't need a fridge or freezer - it sticks directly to the skin and stays cold for three hours. Features & Benefits The main advantage of the Deep Freeze Cold Patch is that you can carry it anywhere - in your kit bag, first aid kit or pocket. This means that you'll always have an instant cold therapy treatment, no matter where you are. Cold therapy is proven to reduce pain, prevent secondary tissue damage following injury and limit tissue and joint swelling. How to Use Simply peel the Deep Freeze Cold Patch from the backing sheet and stick directly on to the skin for instant ice therapy. The Deep Freeze Cold Patch is a flexible adhesive cloth that can be stretched over joints or awkward areas - it couldn't be easier to apply. The Deep Freeze Cold Patch works by water evaporation when the patch makes contact with the skin, causing a cooling sensation that lasts for several hours. By cooling the affected area there is immediate drug-free pain relief. By slowing the metabolic reactions of inflammation there is also less secondary tissue damage - this limits the severity of your injury. Applying instant ice therapy helps you to recover faster from your sports injury.

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