Colief Infant Drops 15ml

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  • 100% natural & Clinically proven
  • Effective with both breast and formula milk
  • Gentle to wean off

Colief® Infant Drops is clinically proven to reduce colicky symptoms associated with temporary lactase deficiency. This is when some babies are temporarily unable to fully break down lactose, a complex sugar which is found in both breast and formula milk, causing wind, bloating and discomfort. The lactase in Colief® Infant Drops is a natural enzyme which breaks down the lactose in the milk by up to 70 percent, aiding digestion and helps reduce the hours of crying.

Colief® Infant Drops can be used when breastfeeding or with formula milk, allowing you to continue with your preferred feeding method. When your baby’s digestive system has matured and your baby has stopped showing signs of colic, the amount of Colief® Infant Drops being used can be gradually reduced for gentle ‘weaning off ’ the drops. Colief Infant Drops 15ml provides sufficient drops for 90 feeds.

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