Clarins Resculpting Flash Roller

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A 2-in-1 facial massage tool (called "Gua Sha") inspired by an ancestral Chinese technique that mechanically stimulates radiance for a revitalizing and reviving effect. The rollers enhance lymphatic drainage and decongest facial features. The curved sides of the tool adjust to facial contours for a lifting and resculpting effect. 


Morning and/or evening, use alone or with moisturiser. 

Glide the rollers along the cheekbone towards the ear or across the face from the chin to the ear. Under the inner corner of the eye, roll down the lower eyelid to the temple in one direction. At the temple, glide the rollers over the forehead to the other temple, back and forth. Then position the rollers under the chin and slide back and forth to the base of the neck. Finally, apply your usual care product, slide the edge of the Gua Sha towards the ear, maintaining light resculpting pressure.

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