Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil

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Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil is a relaxing and soothing body treatment oil with 100% pure plant extracts. Containing Basil, Geranium, Camomile and Petit Grain,these ingredients combine to relieve fatigue and stress for a complete feeling of well-being. Hazelnut Oil with moisturing properties leaves skin feeling soft and satin-smooth, soothes tired muscles after exercise.

How To Apply: Apply a small amount to damp skin and lightly massage over the whole body, concentrating on tension prone spots such as neck and shoulders.

Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil Soothing/Relaxing with 100% pure plant extracts, including Geranium, Petit Grain, Camomile and Basil helps relieve stress and fatigue for a total feeling of well-being.

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