Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturizing Body Lotion 250ml

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Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturising Body Lotion is a hydrating, energising and refreshing lotion, heightening the senses and delivering a feeling of well being. Contains the same aromatic essential oils with treatment benefits found Eau Dynamisante. A lotion in harmony with nature and keeping you refreshed for more that eight hours.

The active ingredients of extracts of Ispaghul and Honey, moisturise and soften. Ginseng extract, tones ans revitalises. Perhydrosqualene, from olive, leaves skin silky smooth.

Apply using gentle sweeping movements all over the body, morning and/or evening and any time the skin feels dry. Follow with a spritz or two of Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance to enhance the feeling of wellbeing.

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