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Centrum Advance supplements your diet and lifestyle by containing essential vitamins and minerals recommended on a daily basis.

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Centrum Advance 30, Multivitamins & Minerals Centrum Advance is a complete daily multivitamin and multimineral supplement with specially balanced nutrient combinations to help support your health needs and busy lifestyle. It supplements your diet and lifestyle by containing essential vitamins and minerals recommended on a daily basis. Benefits of Multivitamins & Minerals Energy Vitamins B1, B2, pantothenic acid, B6 and the minerals phosphorus and magnesium help release energy from food to contribute to your overall health and well-being. Healthy Immune System – Antioxidant vitamin C and the mineral zinc help to maintain a healthy immune system. Looking Healthy – Vitamins A, C, E and the B vitamins (riboflavin, niacin and B6) for maintenance of healthy-looking hair and skin. Healthy Bones – Vitamin D aids the absorption and metabolism of calcium which is needed for the maintenance of strong, healthy bones. Healthy Blood Cells – Sufficient intake of vitamin B12, folic acid and iron is essential to help maintain healthy blood cells. Calcium may also have a role in blood pressure. Healthy Heart – Folic acid, combined with other B vitamins, helps to reduce high levels of the amino acid homocysteine, helping to maintain a healthy heart. Healthy Eyesight – Vitamin A and lutein (a carotenoid) help keep eyes healthy and therefore can help maintain healthy eyesight. Concentration & Performance – Iron plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood, which is needed for normal work performance and concentration. Who Should take Centrum Advance? Centrum Advance is suitable for: Adults Children over 11 Ingredients Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate; Magnesium Oxide; Bulking agents E460, E464; Vitamin C; Potassium Chloride; Gelatin; Stabiliser E1202; Niacinamide; Vitamin E; Starch; Ferrous Fumarate; Calcium-D-Pantothenate; Sucrose; Zinc Oxide; Manganese Sulfate; Vitamin B6; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Beta-Carotene; Cupric Sulfate; Vitamin A; Emulsifiers E570, E470, E433; Lutein; Modified starch; Lactose (from milk); Folic acid; Chromium Chloride; Sodium Molybdate; Potassium Iodide; Anti caking agent E551; Sodium Selenate; Biotin; Vitamin K; Vitamin D; Vitamin B12; Colourants E132, E171. Centrum Advance is Free from the following ingredients: Gluten Yeast Wheat Nuts

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