CB12 Bad Breath Neutraliser 250ml

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CB12 is a bad breath rinse that neutralises bad breath (halitosis) for 12 hours.

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CB12 Bad Breath Neutraliser 250ml Bad Breath, Halitosis CB12 is a bad breath rinse that neutralises bad breath for 12 hours. Bad breath will now be a thing of the past with new CB12 mouth rinse. CB12 neutralises the formations of substances known to cause bad breath (halitosis). Just rinse daily with CB12 each morning and enjoy fresh breath for 12 hours. What is Bad Breath? Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem that affects up to 50 percent of women and men of all ages at some point in their life. Most people with bad breath are unaware that they have bad breath (halitosis) until it’s mentioned to them – as people tend to adjust to their own body scents. What causes Bad Breath? In 90% of cases, bad breath develops inside the mouth – not in the stomach. Bad breath can affect anyone at some point in their life. Bad breath is caused by growth of certain bacteria in the mouth, between teeth and on the back of the tongue. When these bacteria break down food particles etc., bad-smelling sulphur gases are formed and these cause bad breath in the exhaled air. CB12 neutralises and prevents the origin of these gases. How does CB12 work? CB12 Bad breath neutraliser has been developed by dentists for dentists CB12 neutralises the causes of bad breath. The patented formula has a unique composition that neutralises and prevents the substances that cause bad breath. The composition, that has been researched at Oslo University, is unique for the CB12 products. CB12 works neutralises bad breath for 12 hours. CB12 has a long-lasting effectiveness of 12 hours and this is possible due to a chemical binding to the tissue in the oral cavity. This oral care bad breath rinse has been developed, and has had its effect evaluated and documented, using a specially designed gas chromatograph (a specifically developed instrument that can detect the substance of sulphur gases), only a few of which are available worldwide. CB12 contains fluoride to complement toothbrushing. Many people like to rinse with CB12 directly after brushing their teeth, which is why we have added 0.05% sodium fluoride as a preventative measure. Daily rinsing with fluoride has a well documented effect against caries and is a very good complement to fluoride toothpaste. In Scandinavia CB12 is marketed under the brand name SB12, however CB12 and SB12 are exactly the same product. How to Use CB12 Bad breath mouth rinse. How to use CB12 bad breath neutraliser 1. Tear off the strip on the lower edge of the transparent blue cork and remove the cork. 2. Tilt the bottle slanting downwards so the liquid runs down to the spout. 3. Hold the spout over the supplied cork or over a glass4. Press and hold down the red button until liquid stops running. Frequently Asked Questions: How often should I rinse? There are no rules, but if you rinse in the morning you will have safe breath for 12 hours. For a 24-hour effect, rinse morning and evening. Can CB12 be used during pregnancy? Yes, CB12 Bad Breath Neutraliser is completely risk free to use at any time during pregnancy. Follow the instructions on the package. How should CB12 be stored? CB12 Bad Breath Neutraliser should be stored at normal room temperature.

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