What is Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum?

This luxurious eau de parfum from the house of Giorgio Armani has notes of citrus, jasmine and rose. It's a blend of roses, lily-of-the-valley and freesia content.  

Giorgio Armani's perfume has a distinctive scent that will make you feel like the world-famous designer. What makes it so special, though?

If you're looking for an exceptional fragrance without breaking your budget, then Giorgio Armani may be just what you need. The Italian fashion house offers high quality clothing and accessories at affordable prices. But did you know they also offer some really incredible fragrances? And this isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill cologne or eau de parfum either -- these are truly one-of-a-kind perfumes. They have been meticulously crafted from top ingredients around the globe by expert chemists. Here we'll explore everything there is about 

Giorgio Armani's signature fragrance line.

Let's start with a little background information on how Giorgio Armani came into being. Fashion icon Coco Channel named him her "favourite design director" when she appeared on his runway show in 2002. He was responsible for designing many popular celebrities' wardrobes including Madonna, Celine Dion and Catherine Deneuve. In 2004 he launched his own ready-to-wear collection which quickly became successful throughout Europe. It wasn't long before Armani received international attention and made his way towards superstardom. His work can now be found all over the world in major department stores as well as other boutiques and specialty shops.

Read on to find out more about the history behind Giorgio Armani.

Aromatic Notes in Giorgio Armani Perfume

1. Jasmin

This refreshing aroma comes from jasmine flowers grown near Mount Lebanon in Damascus, Syria. This beautiful white flower symbolises purity and innocence. Its sweet yet spicy smell complements any occasion, whether you want to wear it casually during lunch with friends or go straight up to meet clients after dark.

2. Bergamot

These small oranges grow naturally in sunny Mediterranean climates such as Sicily. Bergamots come in different colours (green, yellow, red) but their citrusy scents are always fresh and uplifting. When combined with orange blossoms, bergamot gives off a strong yet light floral note that's perfect for daytime use. If you prefer something stronger, try wearing it mixed with another oil like lavender.

3. Orange blossom

There are three types of orange trees: bitter, sweet and blood. While both sweet and bitter varieties produce fruit similar to lemons, only the flesh from the skin of the blood orange tree contains enough citric acid to create true orange essence. Sweet orange blossom is known to relieve headaches, insomnia and depression. A few drops added to your favourite bath salts every night could help you sleep better. Or add them to your shower water while you wash yourself to relax even further.

4. Tuberose

Tuberoses belong to the same family as vanilla beans and are native to India, Indonesia and Madagascar. These plants require plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures to flourish. The tuberose essential oils contain linalool, geraniol and nerol along with traces of methyl chavicol and safrole. All together, these chemicals contribute to its rich sensual bouquet. Wear tuberose anytime of year because it smells great no matter where you put it on. You can apply it directly onto your pulse points, mix it with your body lotion or spray it onto clean clothes. For best results, combine tuberose with sandalwood, rosemary and ylang-ylang.

5. Rose absolute

Rose petals are harvested during peak bloom season between July and September. Then, the buds are picked and placed inside glass jars filled with alcohol until they dry completely. Once dried, the rose absols are separated from the stems, resins and waxes using steam distillation. Afterward, the pure rose absolute is extracted through several processes which include hydrolysis, cold pressing, vacuum evaporation and molecular sieve purification. Each step helps remove impurities and improve the overall intensity of the final product.

6. Cedar wood

Cedrus is the scientific name for evergreen conifers used in aromatic manufacturing. Although most people think of fir trees when thinking of lumber, the term actually refers to Cedrus Deodora, Juniperus Communis and Juglans regia. Other species of cedar trees include Aleppo, Atlas, Chittagong, Greenheart, Purpleheart, Pink and Sandringham. Cedar wood emits a cool, crisp odour when exposed to air. Because it absorbs heat, cedar is often burned indoors for warmth. However, if you choose to burn it outdoors, do so carefully since smoke inhalation causes respiratory distress. To keep the natural flavour of cedar intact, take extra care not to let it get too hot. Also, avoid breathing in fumes containing heavy metals released by burning cedar wood. Instead, place it outside and enjoy it slowly instead.

7. Vanilla

It takes hundreds of hours of preparation time to extract vanilla from raw pods. First, the outer shell must be removed from each pod. Next, the inner part of the bean is split lengthwise down the middle. Afterwards, the two halves are turned end inward and scraped against each other to release the liquid oils within. Finally, the resulting paste goes through multiple rounds of heating and cooling cycles to separate the solids and liquids. Depending on the type of vanilla, the process lasts anywhere from 12 weeks to 18 months!

8. White musk

Musk belongs to the group of fatty esters called ketones. Musk is created by fermenting castoreum, a secretion excreted by male goats and deer. Castoreum is collected once the animals reach maturity and begin mating. Since it's difficult to collect large quantities of this substance, synthetic versions are produced today. Unlike real musk, synthetic musk lacks a pleasant smell and taste. Real musk is said to stimulate the brain chemistry and give us feelings of euphoria, relaxation and energy. Synthetic musk is used primarily by professional athletes to increase endurance and stamina.

Now that we've explored the origins of Giorgio Armani, read on to discover the best fragrances for men and women.

The Best Fragrances for Men and Women

Fragrance experts spend years studying the science behind why certain aromas attract our senses toward them. Through trial and error, they eventually pinpoint the exact combination of molecules necessary for creating appealing scents. By collecting notes from nature, they isolate thousands upon thousands of chemical compounds. From there, they blend various concentrations of those elements to create new ones. Today, scientists still continue this practice in laboratories located all across the world.

When selecting a fragrance, consider your lifestyle and personality. Choose a scent that reflects who you are and feels comfortable to you. Some suggestions include:

Men - Black Diamond Blue Grass captures the essence of a summer day spent hunting at sunrise. Fresh grass mingles with hints of blueberry and juniper berries to balance masculine undertones. At first application, the fragrance opens up with a hint of mint and sage, followed by earthy patchouli, oak moss and amber. As the morning progresses, it evolves into a soft blend of pine needles, green leaves, pink peppercorns and apple.

Women - Mitsouko is a feminine fragrance that embodies femininity and sophistication. Created in 1930 by Ernest Beaux, Mitsouko features a base of jasmine, freesia, carnations, roses and gardenias. On first impression, the fragrance opens up with a bright burst of fruity florals. Later, it develops into a heartier mix of creamy woods, spices and caramelised sugar.

Before purchasing a particular fragrance, be sure to check customer reviews online to see how others describe its scent. Don't forget to ask employees working in retail locations like Nordstrom or Sephora about specific products. Their knowledge should provide insight into how the fragrance might perform on your skin tone and personal preferences.

Once you've chosen your fragrance, here are tips on how to properly apply it.

How to Use Giorgio Armani Perfumes on Your Body

Determining the right bottle size to buy is important when choosing a fragrance. Try holding the bottle upside down and sniffing the bottom section to determine the general strength of the scent. Next, hold the bottle upright and tilt it slightly forward to identify the topmost layer of notes. Now, turn the bottle back on its side again and repeat the previous steps. Take notice of the last section you detect. That's probably the main ingredient. So, if you don't care much for the scent, stick to lighter options. Otherwise, you may want to purchase a larger bottle.

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