Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Dear future mom,

First, let me congratulate you for your new beautiful adventure.

So you realize you are pregnant, I know that you have a big smile, but

besides that, you ask yourself:

– How is my pregnancy going to go?

– Am I going to suffer a lot from morning sickness?

– How am I going to get ready for the big day?

– Am I ready for this?

Well, let me give you some advice about this beautiful and unique experience:

1 – Stand against your fears:

Do that by recognizing them, do not blame yourself if you have fears and worries through these long hard 9 months. We should fill this period with happiness and positive emotions. Recognize that the unknown is scary, this is a fact, and it is very normal you need to go out, meet other mothers, and they will help you, by telling you what they felt and how they got over these fears in this period. Everyone’s a little afraid of an unfamiliar experience, be confident, strong because your new baby needs you to do that.

2 – Concentrate on your baby:

Forget about your plans for vacations and house repair. The little angel growing inside you needs you the most, give all your time to him.

3 – Enjoy your pregnancy:

Try to live through every moment of this miracle. Take a rest whenever you can. Try to shift a part of your home responsibilities to the future dad, some of your job responsibilities to your colleagues, and the beautiful thing is: they can not blame you. Enjoy the feeling that a great attention, care and love will surround you, still this time is your shining one, after the baby is born I think you will be in the second place 🙂

4 – Prepare yourself:

You have already bought many many books about children and pregnancy, specific magazines, a lot of research on the Internet and of course plans for an intensive pregnancy course.

You will find some conflicting information and advice, you can not decide what to trust. Stop for a moment and think if all this effort is necessary. It is better to sign up for a long-term course in the hospital you have been the one in which you want your angel to be born. Receive the information from specialists in this area.

At the end I can say, you are a healthy woman, when you have a child growing inside you, you become a healthy mother. Healthy woman and mother is a combination that no one in the world can defeat.

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