The “Mind Decluttering” Meditation Technique to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

As we go through our days, our minds race to keep up with our workload. Jobs, family, and household management are only a handful of the things that add to our daily stress. Tension from worrying about today and tomorrow can keep us from the sleep we need in order to feel good and stay healthy. Decluttering is an easy meditation technique that will help you relax and fall asleep.

When you close your eyes at night, imagine that your mind is a room with windows and a single open doorway. Light filters in through the windows and warms your skin. There is no clutter and no furniture. The walls are bare. It feels good to be in the room with the sun shining through the windows. Through the doorway, you can hear sounds that soothe you. The ocean, the rain, or the birds singing. A gentle breeze comes into the room through the windows and brushes your hair away from your face. The air is warm and welcoming. You’re finally alone in your calm, quiet mind.

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of this room. You’re holding a broom. It’s lightweight and you can easily swing it without effort. Begin gently sweeping the floor. Gather all the dust and dirt and sweep it out the door. If any photos, knick-knacks, or furniture appear, sweep them out the door as well. Sweep away everything that reminds you of your daily pressures. Everything is light as air and can easily be swept from the room. Continue sweeping away your worried thoughts and stress as if they were only dirt at your feet. It’s that simple.

When you first begin this exercise, your thoughts will attempt to intrude. The room may even waver and disappear. That’s okay. The room will fade as you begin to fall asleep. Let it. However, your thoughts may stray back to the things that worry you. As soon as you realize your mind is no longer quiet, imagine the room again. Continue sweeping until your mind is relaxed and you begin to drift off to sleep.

It only takes a few nights to begin feeling the effects of decluttering. Within a week, you should feel more relaxed and fall asleep more quickly. 

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