Liquid Nutritional Supplements are More Easily Absorbed

When people think about nutrition supplements, they usually picture a bottle of pills or some kind of powder. While these products have been available for many decades, they simply cannot be efficiently absorbed by your body.

They enter your system as crushed rock minerals. This may seem ok to many, but they do not design the human body to digest and assimilate rocks. Therefore, people simply continue to take pills that are not doing much of anything for their health. The tiny fraction of nutrients absorbed is far below what your body needs to operate at its maximum potential. This is why so many people who have taken pills for years are surprised to see their health declining. They have been fooled into believing that the supplements they are taking are helping them.

Your body uses only about 6% of a pill’s content. The remaining 94% is wasted entirely. The absorption of colloids and some powder formulas is slightly better, sometimes reaching 25% absorption. However, this still means you are only receiving one quarter of the nutrients stated on the bottle. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have 75% of my money wasted on useless fillers and additives.

Most products contain various additives that build up in your system, causing many ailments. A good example would be calcium pills, which have been linked to bone spur formation. The best way to avoid this is to take a supplement in a liquid formulation. Now, there are many prerequisites that a liquid formula must have to be effective. It must contain the following:

· Be ionic – meaning it contains a magnetic charge

· Be small enough to absorb right into your cells

· Be water soluble

The last point is very important. The human body is over 70% water. This means that for anything to be absorbed, it needs to be water soluble. Try taking some pills or tablets and drop them in a cup of water. If they dissolve at all, there will be granules all over the bottom of the cup. This occurs because the water cannot break up the minerals in the pill. The same thing happens inside your body. Not even stomach acid can dissolve them.

If the liquid formulation has the properties mentioned above, it will leave you with a product that absorbs as readily as water. This means that your body can use 99% of the nutrients. Naturally, you’re going to see an unbelievable increase in health if your body is using 99% of nutrients in the supplement you are taking.

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