Immune System Support the Herbal Way

It’s that time of year yet once again. The cold and flu season is here. Everyone is rushing to get their flu shot and stocking up on cough syrup and drops, but there is a quicker, easier, and safer way to get your immune system ready to fight off those pesky germs. Having a strong immune system doesn’t just benefit you during the cold season, but also throughout your entire life. Having a fighting immune system could help your body to fight off diseases and any little bug that may float around to seize the chance to make you ill by using natural herbal remedies.

There are a few herbs that are on the market that can usually be found in your local health food store, and some have even made their way to your local grocery stores. The most common form of herbs that are designed for a healthy immune system is herbal teas such as Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Astragalus. These are also the most effective herbs to use to get your immune system in check and able to keep you healthy.

Echinacea is the type of flowering plant that is related to the sunflower family and a great herbal remedy. We find it growing in eastern North America. Studies have found that Echinacea helps boost your immune system, enabling your body to fight off a common cold at its first sign. Echinacea comes in pill form and as a tea. You can find Echinacea teas in your local grocery store and in any natural foods co-op store.

Goldenseal is another herbal remedy that has a reputation of being a natural antibiotic. The Cherokee Indians passed on their knowledge of its healing properties to the new American settlers who used its potent golden roots to cleanse their wounds and help with skin diseases. Goldenseal is now used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms such as the all too common cough and sore throat.

Astragalus, also known as Huang Qi, is yet another exceptional healing herb for your immune system. Huang Qi uses the natural herbal remedy that is well known in traditional Chinese medicine for many illnesses. It is related to the pea family and is also known as Milk Vetch Root. This herb is used for stimulating your immune system and for toning your body’s system to boost immunity to colds and flu along with helping with poor appetite, fatigue, stomach problems, and protects your body from many chemical toxins and heavy metals that sometimes get absorbed into your body causing damage.

Your body’s immune system is a very important part of staying healthy and living longer. When the cold and flu season pokes its ugly head around the corner, be ready to fight back against everything it throws at you and what better way to do that than the natural herbal way.

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