Green Tea, Weight Loss, and Better Health

Green Tea, Weight Loss, and Better Health

Since the demise of ephedrine (Ephedra) through the exposure of its potentially life-threatening side effects, a new fat burner ingredient has taken center stage – green tea. It has been “discovered” that green tea extract has amazing properties for speeding weight loss through burning fat and increased metabolism. This information is not so new to some of the oldest cultures on the planet, though! We have used it for centuries for better health, medicinal practices, and fitness maintenance.

A fat burner supplement containing green tea will speed up your metabolism and is often combined with caffeine to enhance the process. This allows your body to burn fat more quickly, leading to the desired drop in weight. This is a safe alternative to the former ephedrine/caffeine stack. Another bonus is the antioxidant quality in green tea. Research has shown that green antioxidants are up to 200 times more powerful than those present in vitamin E. These fight the good fight in destroying free radicals that destroy cell membranes in your body.

There are many fat burner products that use green tea as the key ingredient because of its safe and effective help with weight loss. They are often packaged in liquid soft gel tablets that aids with absorption. You usually take them one to two times per day with a full glass of water. As with most fat burner products, hydration is a crucial element to their effectiveness. If you find you are more thirsty than normal, up to your intake of fluids.

The fat burner supplements that contain green tea come with the bonus of providing anti-carcinogenic properties. We have used it in drinks for internal cleansing, and it seems also for skin regeneration. Green tea has also been used to improve respiratory function and protect the digestive system. There are many desirable components to choosing a product with green tea extract. Read the label to find the concentration and choose one with this ingredient listed near the top or first of the list. This means it includes a higher proportion. As always, a Q-and-A with the doctor is the best strategy prior to beginning any new regimen of fitness.

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