Clarins HydraEssential Eye Mask And Lip Balm

Eye Mask :

Intensively hydrates. Refreshes and brightens the eyes.

A Cooling cream-gel hydrating mask*with super-quenching Organic Leaf of Life* it instantly revives tired-looking eyes for a fresh, rested look. Lightweight texture perfectly melts into the skin.This can be used  as a 10-minute express mask, or leave it on all night  for an intensive dose of moisture while you sleep.

Lip Balm :

Replenishes and nourishes. Boosts the lips natural radiance

This is a super-quenching balm and we love it all year round*with soothing Blue Lotus Essential Wax*it gets lips into a soft, smooth, kissable condition. Luxurious melting formula moisturizes, nourishes and helps protect. Lips recover their natural rosy glow and are visibly plumper,all day long and in any environment 🙂

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