Vitamins, Supplements, Omega 3s

Vitamins are compounds found in food in trace amounts that our body needs to function properly. Although most required are provided to us by food, it is very difficult to achieve full levels from diet alone, so that none are missing. It can be quite tricky to incorporate all of the vitamins and nutrients you need into your diet.

Depending on each person and their lifestyle, you will need different nutrient intakes. This amount depends on a person’s health, family medical history, age, gender, and many other factors. For example, seniors formulas tend to have less iron and vitamin K, and more vitamin B12 and vitamin D. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, making a greater mental effort than usual or with a large amount of physical work, it is wise to consider supplementation with vitamins, minerals and perhaps herbal supplements. For example ginseng is an adaptogen and a nootropic, i.e. it may help lower stress and may enhance the function of the nervous system.

Even with a healthy diet, we could have a deficit in some micronutrients. This is mainly due to the fact that currently the production of food have caused its nutritional quality to decrease.

We stock a wide range of high quality vitamins, supplements and minerals that cater for all of the family. With great brands such as Lifeline (hangover tablets), Pharma Nord, Natures’ Best, Vitabiotics, Centrum, Berocca and Seven Seas. Our supplements at McDaid Pharmacy are of the highest quality and go through the strictest of quality tests and are GMP manufactured, with everything from immunity support like echinacea, to turmeric, probiotics, Vitamin D, iron tablets, gingko, ginseng, multivitamins, zinc, Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, glucosamine, Floradix, selenium, etc.


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