Filtered Disposable Face Mask FFP2 NR - 5pack

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Description Instructions of use:

Aerosol filtration percentage: Not less than 94%. \n \nInternal leak rate: Maximum 8%. This Disposable mask offers protection in various areas such as the Glass Industry, Foundry, Construction, Pharmaceutical Industry and Agriculture. It effectively stops powdered chemicals. This mask can also serve as protection against Respiratory disease such as Avian Influenza or severe acute respiratory syndrome associated with the Coronavirus (SARS), as well as against the bacteria of pnuemonia and Tuberculosis. It is similar to the KN95 mask, CE marked. 


  • This mask can be used for respiratory protection of certain non-oily particles (dust, pollen and other productive dust and non-volatile smog and other air pollutants)
  • This product cannot be used in hypoxic environments
  • This product cannot be used for protective filtering of toxic gases and vapors
  • Masks are contaminated, damgaged, aging, invalid, etc, and need to be replaced with new ones
  • Recommended usage time is 5-7 days. This product should be stored in a well ventilated, dark, dry and pollution-free environment.


Instructions of use:


  • Hold the mask with your hands to cover the nose and mouth area, put your chin against the mask, and pull the ears to the ears.
  • Adjust the positiohn of the mask
  • press the metal nose clips from the centre of the nose to the sides with both fingers until it is fully pressed against the bridge of the nose

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