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Abidec Vitamin D3 Drops 25ml Baby Vitamins Specially developed for babies from 0 to 3 years D3

The sunshine vitamin! Vitamin D3 is manufactured in the skin by sunshine. Given our latitude (51-55° North), little or no vitamin D is produced from sunlight, particularly during the winder months. And as infants should not be exposed to strong sunlight, Abidec's Vitamin D3 Drops are a great way to ensure your child gets all the vitamin D3 he needs.

Benefits of Abidec Vitamin D3 Drops: Vitamin D3 is essential for a number of vital functions. It aids the healthy development of bones and teeth by enabling the absorption of calcium. Abidec Vitamin D3 aids the development of a healthy immune system and helps protect against cataract problems in eyes. Abidec's Vitamin D3 drops are ideal for infants and young children to help build strong bones and teeth. The vitamin is delivered via drops with a slight aniseed flavour.

A single 40 IU drop delivers 100% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D3.

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