Sani-Cloth Active Anti Viral Wipes Multi Surface Alcohol Free 200pack


Sani-Cloth Active Wipes Multi Surface Alcohol Free 200 pack for non-invasive medical devices and general surfaces. suitable to kill coronavirus (covid 19), Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Bactericidal.

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Multi Surface Alcohol Free Wipes 200 pack. Sani-Cloth Active is contraindicated for use as a terminal sterilant/high level disinfectant on any surface or instrument that is introduced into the body or may come into contact with the bloodstream, including broken skin or mucous membranes.  Sani-Cloth Active can be used to pre-clean or decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilisation or high level disinfection.

Caution: For external use only. Keep product closed and stored upright in a cool dry place.

Composition: Contains detergent, Didecyldimethylammonium chloride 0.450%w/w, Surfactants 0.325%w/w, Auxiliary 0.520%w/w, Excipients 98.705%w/w.

Suitable for use on metals and plastics. Disposable disinfectant wipes. DGHM and VAH approved. Professionals’ choice for infection control against Tuberculocidal, Virucidal (Covid-19), Fungicidal and Bactericidal. Convenient – easy to dispense canister. Foil sealed to prevent alcohol evaporation during storage. Strong and durable.

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