Nicorette Invisi Patch 25mg


Nicorette Invisi Patch 25mg, Step 1 for smokers of more than 20 a day. Available in pack size 7 or 14



Nicorette Invisi extra strength 25mg/16 hours transdermal patch – nicotine for preventing nicotine cravings and withdrawl symptoms throughout the day. 22.5cm transdermal patches, each containing nicotine 1.75mg/cm (once daily patch for application to the skin, releasing 25mg over 16 hours). Also contains medium chain triglycerides, basic butylated methacrylate copolymer, polyethylenterephythalate film (PET), acrylic adhesive solution, potassium hydroxide, croscarmellose sodium, aluminium acetylacetonate, siliconised PET relaease liner with aluminised single side, printing inks. Nicotine Patches will proved effective relief from cravings and withdrawalsymptoms experienced when trying to stop smoking.

Directions: Apply one patch to a clean, dry area of skin in the morning and remove 16 hours later at bedtime. Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before starting to use the product. Do not continue to smoke while using Nicotine Patches. If you have any heart, circulatory or stomach problems (including ulcers) ask your Pharmacist or Doctor before using Nicorette Patches. After use, place the patch in empty sachet or aluminum foil and dispose of in a place where children and animals cannot reach it. Do not exceed the stated dose.

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