Elave Shampoo 250ml


Protects delicate scalp from dryness and flaking. Contains Camomile to soothe dry irritated scalp. Kind to sensitive eyes

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ELAVE SHAMPOO 250ml Protects delicate scalp from dryness and flaking Contain Camomile to soothe dry irritated scalp Kind to sensitive eyes Hypo-allergenic formula free from worrying chemicals Clinically proven Elave Dermatological Range Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals linked to sensitive skin conditions and eczema prone skin.That’s why elave contains only the safest non-reactive ingredients. Developed by experts in dermatology elave skincare cleanses, softens and protects skin everyday. Designed to be used together the elave dermatological range allows you to discover a daily routine free from worrying chemicals that will enhance all skin types even the most sensitive.

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