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Weight loss naturally with CLA 24/7. Lose Weight 24 hours a day.


CLA Burn Fat 24/7 by Pharma Nord (90) CLA Fat Burning Weight Loss Slimming Tablets CLA Fat Burner Lose weight 24 hours a day. CLA Fat Burners: The new weight loss supplement that supports your weight loss 24 hours a day CLA Fat Burning 24/7 helps you get back your old figure. The CLA 24/7 Slimming supplement has three active ingredients that support the body’s fat metabolism in a natural way. For best results, use CLA Fat Burner 24/7 daily in conjunction with exercise and a healthy eating plan. What can CLA Fat Burners 24/7 do for you? CLA 24/7 Improves the balance between fat and muscle. CLA 24/7 Tones up your body. CLA 24/7 Increases fat-reduction in critical zones like hips, thighs and stomach How does CLA 24/7 work? CLA Fat Burner 24/7 has three main ingredients: 1.Green Tea 2.CarniPrecise 3.Original CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Daytime tablet: Green tea and CarniPrecise® During lunch take the tablets that contain water extracted green tea and CarniPrecise® (an enhance formulation of L-carnitine). Green tea contains an active compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that provides energy to keep you active during the day. CarniPrecise® works by transporting fat from the bloodstream into the mitochondria (the powerhouses of cells) where the fat is then converted into energy. Night time capsule: Original CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Taken in the evening, with dinner take the capsules with CLA. CLA Burns Fat: While you sleep, CLA supports your body’s fat metabolism and helps you utilize fat instead of storing it. Scientific research has shown that CLA has increased fat burning by 13% during sleep. Scientific Research The ingredients in CLA Fat Burning 24/7 are based on scientific research. 2 tablets (day time) + 4 capsules (night time) The tablets with Green tea + CarniPrecise® (L-carnitine) speeds up the body’s conversion of fat to energy in the daytime. Take the tablets at lunch with food and water. Daytime Effect: Green tea increases your fat conversion by over 30%. CarniPrecise® works by transporting fat to the mitochondria (“powerhouses”) of the cells where it gets converted into energy Night time Effect: Research shows that people who take CLA burn approximately 13% more fat – during their sleep. Take the capsules at dinner with food and water. The capsules with CLA gives your fat burning a boost at night while you are asleep. How CLA 24/7 Burns Fat While Sleeping CLA 24/7 helps you lose weight and tone up – even whilst you sleep

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