Anusol HC Suppositories 12 Pack


Anusol HC Suppositories are used to effectively treat haemorrhoids (piles). This stronger version of Anusol contains a steroid called Hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation. A A suppository is used to provide soothing relief of internal symptoms. Anusol Suppositories contain ingredients to soothe and protect raw areas, reduce swelling and promote healing.

Shrinks piles
Soothes itching
Relieves pain & discomfort

You Must Be Aged Over 18 Years to Purchase This Product

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For Rectal Use OnlyAdults: Clean and dry the anal area. Insert one suppository into the back passage at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement.Use for a maximum of three days or as prescribed forup to 7 days.If the conditions do not improve or rectal bleeding occurs, consult your doctor.Each suppository contains Hydrocortisone Acetate 10mg, Benzyl Benzoate 33mg, Bismuth Oxide 24mg, Bismuth Subgallate 59mg, Baslam Peru 49mg, Zinc Oxide 296mg.

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